Housing giant, Torus, with over 16,000 homes in Liverpool, has said The People’s Project “will act as a catalyst for transformation” and will “rebalance the economy” of the city.

Steve Coffey, Group Chief Executive of Torus, attended The People’s Project roadshow in Liverpool City Centre to find out more about and support Everton Football Club’s plans for a new stadium in North Liverpool, and a community-based led legacy project at Goodison Park.

He said of the plans; “I think it’s unique because I don’t see a better opportunity to transform and to be a catalyst for that transformation in that north area of the city while also rebalancing the economy.” As a city stakeholder, “to be able to dovetail our investment [of £2.5 billion in the North West] with a big flagship project like this is a magnificent opportunity for ourselves, for the Club, for the city and for the broader city region.”


Watch the full interview with Steve via the video below

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