22 October 2018.

BBC Breakfast News and the BBC World Service have broadcast the life-changing stories of some of those touched by Everton in the Community to a worldwide audience of millions.

Focused on the recent developments around Goodison Park: The Everton Free School, The Blue Base and the People’s Hub, the feature details some of the 40 plus programmes the Club’s charitable arm currently operates.

From senior citizens, to teenagers and former offenders, Everton in the Community is providing a platform for people to re-engage with society and turn their lives around.

Among the activities shown are: weekly nostalgia sessions for pensioners battling dementia, these include Bob who as a scout helped discover the talents of Wayne Rooney; a tour of the Free School with former student, Zack who has transformed his life from one of ‘no hope’ to being a mentor for other youngsters in similar positions and a brave interview with former offender Matty who broke his cycle of decline with the Club’s help.

Matty is now in a stable relationship, has a stable job and has recently become a father. Asked if he would go back to his old life, he said: ‘It just wouldn’t happen – too much to lose.’

The charity’s offender’s scheme has a non-re-offending rate of 79%, compared to a national average of 38%.

Driven by the Club’s family-orientated values, Everton in the Community reaches tens of thousands of people each and every year.

Off the pitch, the Club is tackling the social issues facing some of the poorest communities in the land.

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