Bramley-Moore Dock

We want to build a stadium that is right for Everton Football Club, right for Bramley-Moore Dock and right for Liverpool City Region. A world-class stadium in an iconic waterfront location.

Our supporters want us to build a stadium that is a great place to play and watch football while providing improved modern facilities to meet and surpass their expectations.

Bramley-Moore Dock is located within a World Heritage Site. The Club and its design team are therefore actively working with Liverpool City Council, Historic England, UNESCO and other relevant parties to ensure the proposed stadium scheme protects the historic assets of the site.


The Liverpool docks enabled the city to grow into a globally significant and influential commercial centre during the 19th century.

Bramley-Moore Dock was used for the export and import of coal to feed the fleets of steamers that once criss-crossed the globe. The dock fell out of use as it could not be adapted to the containerisation of sea trade during the second half of the 20th century.

Now, an exciting new chapter is about to be written at Bramley-Moore. New life will be breathed into it as it is brought back into meaningful use and opened up to the people of the city. It will become a home to thunderous sound, vibrant colour and marvellous spectacle.



We are proposing a stadium capacity of 52,000 with the potential for that to rise to 62,000 in the future, subject to further planning permission. The projected capacity takes into account several factors which include design and orientation of the stadium on a dock site, current and future ticket demand and forecast revenues and costs.

Please visit the Consultation page to read more about the new stadium plans in-depth, along with our plans for the heritage of the docks, the construction materials used, transport links and more.

I believe that the historic fabric of the dock is a priceless asset that will help inform a state-of-the-art stadium unlike any other on the planet and one that will capture the magic and memory of Goodison Park. I am striving for a design that feels like it grew from the Docks and can simultaneously look like it is from the future and yet has always been there.

Dan Meis, Architect